Bobby Fresh x SneakerTube I Love Sneakers Grey/Red Tee

Bobby Fresh


Bobby FreshåÊhas partnered with video networking communityåÊSneakerTube.TV, presenting theåʉÛ÷I Love Sneakers‰۪ TeeåÊfor theåÊAir Jordan 8 ‰ÛÏHare‰۝. After the successful launch of theiråʉÛ÷I Love Sneakers‰۪åÊwristbands and buttons,åÊSneakerTubeåÊconnected withåÊBobby FreshåÊfor this clean, dope apparel collaboration.

Note: NO Discount codesåÊwill be accepted for the new Spring 2 2013 Collection. All orders and requests for this item using discount codes willåÊNOTåÊbe valid.

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